Chairman’s Message

Azmont Investments operating since 2012 is young but dedicated Montenegro based company committed to apply its most adequate resources to achieve its mission: to create an efficient and sustainable investment portfolio focusing on accountability, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

Astonishing beauty and hospitality of this country as well as good business climate were enablers for us as Investment Company to enter the market in 2012. At that time, we have started to build what we believe will be a new benchmark not only in the Region but in the Adriatic – Portonovi Resort. This 650 million eur investment is set on 26-hectare area in Boka Bay, Montenegro. 

Being dedicated to stay in Montenegro for the long run, in 2016 we have added to our portfolio another business, Nova Banka. 

As an investor that can use vast experience of our shareholders in financial sector we saw a potential growth opportunities in Montenegrin bank sector despite very competitive market here. 

From the investors perspective, this fresh investment will provide new growth opportunities and connections with the companies as the ones established in Montenegro, as well as the ones established abroad which operate here on this market. 

We have all reasons to believe that a tremendous experience we have in finance sector, especially in banking sector as we are doing business in this field in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will be great enabler and will help us position but also to advance the market here. 

Our Nova Banka is new green-field commercial bank on Montenegrin market with full spectre of usual banking products. 

Still, our goal is to offer high quality banking products and services both to residents and non-residents. Special attention will be paid on creating products which incorporate new IT technologies into banking industry. 

Nova Banka will empower its customers by focusing on their needs and efficiency. 

We continue to plan and work according to strategies set, never forgetting to dream. To have a dream, passion and enthusiasm are crucial enablers for making success long term.


Ahmet Erentok


Nova Banka