Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan
  • Most convenient method of calculating interest

  • Maturity from 6 to 60 months


Home equity loans are intended for those who would like to invest their own business, refinance existing loans or they simply need more cash. They can also be used, for example, to buy or build a new home. 


Approval conditions:

  • Client has a permanent working relationship, open and active account in Nova Banka.

  • Client must be a person older than 18 years, and the repayment of the last annuity should be completed before the age of 67.

  • Loan amount: Minimum 15,000€.

  • Loan processing fee from 0.5% to 2.00%.

  • For clients under the age of 65 at the time of maturity of the final installment no life insurance policy is needed.

  • For clients whose loan is due after the age of 65, the life insurance policy is mandatory in the amount of ½ of the approved loan.

  • first rank mortgage registered on the property in favor of the Bank,

  • Property insurance policy - assigned in favor of the Bank.


Required documentation:

  • Duly filled and signed application form for overdraft loan;

  • Verified and signed confirmation on salary;

  • Two administrative wage/salary withholding orders stamped by the employer with whom the client works (if the employer verifies them);

  • Signed consent for application in the Credit department;

  • Proof of paid fee for application in the Credit department;

  • Title deed on which the lien is registered, not older than 7 days from the date of delivery of documents.

  • A copy of passport or ID card with phone numbers and address (original document to be presented);

  • Bill of exchange, which can be bought at the bank counter, and the bill of exchange authorization;

  • Other documentation as necessary.

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