New fixed term savings

New fixed term savings

All citizens who want to achieve the best relation between safe and profit, with the most favorable interest rate.
New fixed term savings is a savings scheme under which funds are kept on a savings account for the duration of an agreed term. 
During the term, which ranges from 3 to over 24 months, interest is accrued on the deposit following the agreed term, the client may withdraw the entire balance or rollover for a new term.

New fixed term savings can be made in euros or other currencies, such as USD, CHF and GBP.

Benefits of fixed term savings

  • favorable interest rate;

  • security of the role;

  • client need not visit the bank for a deposit rollover;

  • option to use the interest as rent on a monthly or annual basis;

  • option to use deposit as a loan security under the most favorable interest rate;

One can withdraw from a term deposit before maturity, only with Bank consent and following the client’s request in writing.

If the client does not cancel his savings agreement within not later than 3 days of the date of term expiry (prolongation term), the Bank will rollover the term deposit for the same term on the terms applicable on the date of rollover.

On the maturity date, interest accrued is added to the previous deposit or transferred onto the selected current account.

Fixed term savings interest rates, for deposits in euros up to € 300,000.00

From 3 to  6 months


From 7 to  12 months


From 13 to  24 months


Over 24 months



Fixed term savings interest rates, for deposits over €300,000.00

From 3 to  6 months1,00%
From 7 to  12 months2,20%
From 13 to  24 months2,40%
Over 24 months2,60%


Fixed term savings interest rates, for deposits in other currency (US dollars, GBP, CHF)

Deposit value


6 months

12 months

18 months

24 months

Interest rate

Interest rate

Interest rate

Interest rate

from 1.000 USD





from 1.000 GBP





from 5.000 CHF





* Interest rate for all deposits are presented at the annual level
* Nova Banka is the member of Deposit Protection Fund